Self-Study CPD Accredited BeyondTrauma Recovery Programme

🌟 Unlock Your Path to Healing with the BeyondTrauma Recovery Programme! 🌟

Are you or someone you know struggling with the lasting effects of trauma? Look no further than our transformative 7 Week Trauma Recovery Programme™. Tailored as a psychoeducational intervention for individuals diagnosed with or experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), this program offers a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the impact of trauma and embark on a journey of healing.

What sets our programme apart is its holistic approach, combining education, therapy, and supportive interventions without the need to delve into traumatic events. That’s right – you can begin your healing journey without having to discuss past traumas. πŸ›€οΈ

Here’s what you get:

πŸŽ₯ Live Programme Replay: Gain access to over 15 hours of recorded sessions featuring inspirational women who have traveled this journey. This real lived experience insight creates a feeling of not being alone and offers invaluable support on your healing path. Interactive sessions led by Mayameen Meftahi BEM, so that you can follow along and navigate each module of the programme to experience those ‘aha moments’ and lightbulb transformations. 

πŸ“ Accountability: Stay on track with your healing journey through assigned tasks and activities designed to keep you motivated and accountable.

πŸ“˜ Workbook/Self-Help Guide: Receive a comprehensive workbook to accompany your sessions, serving as your personal self-help guide that you can revisit whenever needed.

🀝 Peer Support: Find solace and encouragement in our supportive Facebook community and website community forum.

🎁 Bonus Resources: As part of the self-study curriculum, you’ll get access to additional resources, including video guided meditations and somatic movement practices, enhancing your healing experience.

🌟 Modalities: Our programme encompasses modalities of CBT, NLP, somatic therapy, and psychoeducation, providing you with a well-rounded approach to healing.

And that’s not all! Upon completing the programme, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion attached with 15 Continuing Professional Development points, accredited by the CPD Group. This recognition celebrates your commitment to healing and personal growth. πŸ†

Don’t let trauma hold you back – join us and rise BeyondTrauma™ to create a life filled with resilience, empowerment, and limitless possibilities. 🌟

Here from those who have travelled this Transformation after Trauma here: BeyondTrauma Recovery Programme | Mayameen Meftahi BEM

If you would prefer to embark on this Journey by joining one of our Live Group Programmes or as a one-one programme delivered by my exceptional BeyondTrauma Facilitation Team visit: My Team | Mayameen Meftahi BEM

Feel free to visit our team page to explore their inspirational profiles and see if you resonate with any of them. If you find someone you connect with, don’t hesitate to reach out! Whether you’re interested in joining a live group programme or prefer a one-on-one approach, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Self-Study CPD Accredited BeyondTrauma Recovery Programme
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