Challenging Negative Thoughts

We can get caught up in Negative Thoughts, caused by our Life Events and Anxiety, things that have been said to us in our childhoods, or events that have happened to us, that then create the limiting self beliefs we hold. All or nothing thinking, also known as black and white thinking, is where we […]

You Are Normalising Sexual Offenders!

Don’t be surprised who the abuser is, statistics show that it’s rarely the creeper guy down the road or the stranger.  It’s the ones who are in power. And we are normalising sexual abuse offenders whilst continuing to silence the sexual abuse survivors. It’s on the rise because you are allowing the lenient sentencing and then […]

Is Female Genital Mutilation in Islam?

One of the most controversial topics is Female Genital Mutilation in Religion and more commonly within Islam. I am often asked what my perspective is with regards to Female Genital Mutilation or more commonly known as Female Circumcision within the Islamic world. I will therefore share my understanding here, this is my personal Islamic perspective […]

My Abuser Knows Where I live, but as the Victim I am Not Given that Right!

Do I not have the right to minimise the risk to myself and my children? Why can’t I know where my Sex Offender has been relocated upon release? Why can’t I have the right to protect myself? Upon my fathers release from prison, I was / and still am not allowed to know where he […]

Out-Source to Reduce Waiting Lists for Support…

On the 11th October, I was interviewed by ITV Wales regarding my waiving of anonymity. I agreed to the interview in order to focus on my campaign to call on the Welsh Government to provide Child Houses in Wales, something that I am very passionate about, especially as an Organisation that has been supporting women […]