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Mayameen gained national media attention when she bravely waived her lifelong anonymity on the 27th September 2018 as a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse due to her father being released from prison from a 10 year sentence, but serving only 6. 

mayameens story Channel 5 documentary

Mayameen was honoured to receive a British Empire Medal (BEM) for the Queens Birthday Honours 2020 in recognition of her services to child victims.

Mayameen, a public speaker, has enthusiastically embraced numerous opportunities to take the stage and share her experiences. In 2016, she had the privilege of being a TEDx speaker, where she delivered a compelling talk about her personal journey through birth trauma.

watch her tedx talk

Mayameens proposal for the first ever Child Refuge in the UK, for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse was passed in Motion, via Welsh Government.

read the campaigns here

Mayameen is a highly accomplished professional in the field of trauma and intervention, widely recognised for her exceptional work. Qualifed as a Psychotherapist, NLP Coach and an Independant Legal Advocate.

Mayameen has created an exceptionally successful Trauma Recovery Programme that serves as a vital resource for individuals seeking recovery and early intervention. This programme was delivered by Mayameen as an intervention for over 2 years at Peak Education, has received accreditation from CPD and has been commissioned by Action for Children.

Additionally, Mayameen has assembled a team of Facilitators who now deliver her programme on a global scale, within their own private practice or in their organisation. 

It is life changing. Want to understand the highs and the lows of coping after trauma, you need the tools to help heal yourself. This course gives you the skills to know your emotions and reactions, and to change the cycle. I believe this course is for anyone with any mental health issues! Very positive but very realistic! 100% recommend.

Helen / Trauma Recovery Program

Mayameen you have explained dorsal and central vagal states beautifully, in simple words. Thank you very much for this wonderful training.

Dr. Khursheed Laqa Seema / Trauma-Informed Practice Training

mayameens youtube channel

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