To prevent Inter-Generational Trauma.

To provide an Integrated, Holistic Approach to Healing, which combines Emotional, Mental and Physical Transformation.

To provide Professionals with Lived Experience Expertise.

To pave the way for Systematic Law Changes for Child Abuse Victims.


An Online Safe Space for Women, to Transform & Heal their Mind & Body after Trauma.

A Journey of Hope, without Fear or Stigmatisation, to Embody Growth, Healing and Self-Expression.

An end to the Silenced Suffering of Women after Sexual Violence.


Queens Honours, Multi Award-Winning ‘Lived Experienced’ Specialist in Trauma.
Passionately driven by her own Lifelong Trauma as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor.

Pioneering her Signature Solution Focused 7 Week PTSD & Anxiety Recovery Program, 

Providing women with the tools to successfully overcome the effects of Trauma and professionals with Accredited Training.

Proudly taking the TEDx Stage, lecturing at The Queens Nursing Institute and proposing the first ever Child Refuge in the UK and featured in a Channel 5 Documentary for Child Sexual Abuse.

Winning Queens British Honours 2020 British Empire Medal (BEM), ‘Unsung Heroine’ & Beautiful Survivors World of Honors.

“I was not going to be defined by my Suffering, nor just another Stereotypical Statistic, I aimed for Success!”


Anxiety • Bipolar • Personality Disorder • ADHD • Anger • Emotionally Numb
• Exhausted • 

Fed up with all the labels and lack of instruction to channel that Suffering into Success…

Solution Focused program to successfully deal with the effects of Trauma, whether conscious or unconscious.  This means, you do not have to discuss Traumatic events!

A process to be followed through from the beginning, middle to end. A ‘course’ of practical, focused therapy, without the need of ongoing treatment. From understanding PTSD, right through to managing anger, emotional numbing and learning techniques. It is not a cure, but a solution.

Offering a Live Group Program and a Self-Study Option.


Our bodies keep the score, and in order to be in complete balance, they need to be cared for! 

Bringing fitness to your home, with a range of 30 minute classes. My ever popular Cardio Rebounding Class for releasing adrenaline, Resistance Bands Class for Toning and my healing Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. 

A safe place for women to emotionally detox, heal from life events, and release built up adrenaline safely, whilst boosting positive energy!

Classes are live via Zoom, following our timetable, or you can choose to workout in your own time with my Video Fitness Classes. 

Have more Energy, Improved Sleep, Release Tension & Anxiety, Improve your Mental and Physical Health.


My workshops free you from your Childhood events, to find the ‘missing piece’.

An effective healing modality – that speaks empathy! As we divulge deeper into our childhoods with honesty, looking at missed emotional needs, to identify our needs now, as we deal with the reality, that those needs from childhood do not disappear.

This level of awareness brings a great deal of power in facilitating our own reparenting and healing process. 

Learn how to be kinder to yourself, feel again, know what you want and need out of life, set healthy boundaries, gain confidence, improve relationships, broaden your mindset and value system.

Powerful • Healing • Transformative 

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27th September 2018, Mayameen Spoke Out Publically…

Mayameen shocked many, by waiving her Lifelong Anonymity as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor, hitting National Media ad going viral. Taking back her power, as her father was released from Prison in May 2018, after serving just 6 years of a 10 year Sentence…

LEGACY: Mayameens Petition to make Systematic Law Changes with Child Abuse was Successful and her Movement to Propose the first ever Child Refuge in the UK, for child victims escaping from Child Sexual Abuse was passed in Motion. via Welsh Government.

Whilst also Raising Awareness of CSA in a Documentary led by Channel 5.

watch my channel 5 documentary here LEARN MORE ABOUT MAYAMEEN

“Don’t try and save us… You are not the rescuer… we have already Survived more than you can imagine. We do not need Saving, after we have Survived”

~ Mayameen Meftahi