And all that was needed… was to know we were not alone

Overcoming trauma and transforming your pain into power, is a Journey. Very often, it can feel like a very lonely one, where the impacts of our life events become the barrier to progression. 

Welcome, you are not alone… Mayameen Meftahi BEM has turned statistic into success! Passionately driven by her own Lifelong Trauma as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor. Qualified Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Independent Advocate, Mayameen also works full time as a Senior Intervention Mentor at Peak Education.

Mayameen utilised her professional skills and her personal lived experience to develop her very own Trauma Recovery Program, over time, this program has evolved to be a lifeline for people overcoming PTSD, the program Mayameen created gained CPD Accreditation and commissioned to Action for Children. 

Proudly taking the TEDx Stage, lecturing at The Queens Nursing Institute, campaigning the first ever Child Refuge in the UK and a Channel 5 Documentary on Child Sexual Abuse.

Becoming an Accredited Training Provider, to provide training to Professionals as well as branching out her Program to Train the Trainer.  Training Facilitators to successfully roll out her Trauma Recovery Program worldwide. 

Mayameen was honoured to receive a British Empire Medal for the Queens Birthday Honours 2020 in recognition of her Services to Victims. 

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can result from exposure to trauma:

  • Re-Experiencing (repeatedly reliving) the trauma. This can be in the form of nightmares, intrusive memories or images, flashbacks, or intense emotional or physical reactions to remember the trauma. These symptoms frequently leave you feeling like you are going crazy.
  • Hyperarousal. This includes sleep problems, anger/irritability, and concentration problems, always feeling on edge or on guard, jumpiness, and being easily startled. Increased arousal could also include
    physical symptoms, such as pounding heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, and rapid breathing. These symptoms keep you stressed and eventually exhausted.
  • Avoidance of trauma reminders. This may include trying not to think or talk about the trauma, or
    trying not to have feelings about it. It may also include staying away from activities, people, places, and
    situations that bring up trauma memories. These symptoms leave you feeling apart from the people and
    surroundings in your life.
  • Emotional numbing. This includes losing interest in activities that used to be important to you, feeling detached or estranged from important people in your life, feeling unable to have normal emotions, and losing a sense that you have a long-term future. These symptoms diminish your relationships with those closest to you.

Solution Focused Services...


Designed & Delivered by Multi Award-Winning Specialist in Trauma, Mayameen Meftahi BEM. 

A highly specialised 7 Week Trauma Recovery Program, developed from recognising the missing gaps in service provisions for overcoming PTSD & Anxiety. 


Accredited Training for Professionals with Lived Experience:
Trauma-Informed Practice, Child Sexual Abuse & Female Genital Mutilation Awareness.
Training is provided Online via Zoom, On-Site or as Video/Replay Trainings.


Sexual Violence Recovery requires a Holistic Approach, inclusive of the body in therapeutic work. Delivering Trauma-Sensitive Yoga as an Empowerment Model and a Monthly Women’s Circle for women and young girls subjected to Child Sexual Abuse.

As seen in:

27th September 2018, Mayameen waived her Anonymity…

Mayameen waived her Lifelong Anonymity as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor, hitting National Media, as her father was released from Prison in May 2018, after serving just 6 years of a 10 year Sentence…

Her story going viral, inspiring and reaching millions of people worldwide. The storm hit, and Mayameen was asked to contribute to a Channel 5 Documentary as well as appearing on TV, being interviewed for news reports, radio stations, podcasts and making change within Government Policies!

LEGACY: Mayameens proposal for the first ever Child Refuge in the UK, for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse was passed in Motion, via Welsh Government.

Truly Mayameen has taken statistic to success!

mayameens story Channel 5 documentary


Board Director for HOPE Bereavement Support CIC

“Don’t try and save us… You are not the rescuer… we have already Survived more than you can imagine. We do not need Saving, after we have Survived”

~ Mayameen Meftahi