Receiving the British Empire Medal

Mayameen Meftahi BEM

Receiving the British Empire Medal

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Mayameen Meftahi BEM Award


I am incredibly honoured and humbled to share with you all a milestone in my journey – being awarded the British Empire Medal. This prestigious accolade is not only a personal achievement but a testament to the cause that I hold dear – advocating for survivors of child sexual abuse and dedicating my life to trauma intervention.

The Significance of the British Empire Medal:

Receiving the British Empire Medal is a moment of profound significance for me. This recognition is awarded for meritorious civil or military service, and to be acknowledged in this way for my work in supporting survivors of child abuse is truly humbling.

My Journey to This Honour:

My path to this point has been one of resilience and unwavering commitment. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I made the conscious decision to use my experiences as a force for positive change. This journey has taken me from the depths of personal adversity to standing as an advocate and voice for those who have faced similar challenges.

My Professional Contributions:

  • As a qualified psychotherapist, NLP coach, and independent professional advocate, I’ve been able to offer support and guidance to many who are navigating their paths to recovery.
  • At Peak Education, I established the Intervention Trauma Recovery Service, a program that has since gained global recognition and is now a vital resource in trauma recovery, accredited by CPD and commissioned by Action for Children.
  • Currently, in my role as a senior Legal Advocacy Case Worker at the Maggie Oliver Foundation, I continue my work in advocating for and supporting those affected by trauma and abuse.

Beyond My Professional Role:

My efforts extend beyond my professional responsibilities. From speaking on prestigious platforms like TEDx to contributing to campaigns for the establishment of the UK’s first child refuge, I am committed to raising awareness and effecting change in the fight against child sexual abuse.

Reflections on the Honour:

Being awarded the British Empire Medal is a deeply moving and motivational moment for me. It represents the importance of resilience, the power of advocacy, and the impact one can have by turning personal adversity into a driving force for societal good.


I am immensely grateful for this recognition and see it as a celebration of not just my work but the cause that drives me. This honour reinforces my commitment to continue advocating for survivors and making a difference in the lives of those affected by trauma.

A Call to Join Me:

I invite you to join me on this ongoing journey. Your support and engagement in this cause are invaluable. Together, we can continue to make a significant impact and bring about positive change.

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