Become a Certified Facilitator of the ‘S/He Can Be’ Trauma Recovery Program™ and facilitate this successful program to your service users, students or community groups either Face-Face or Online. Or build your very own private business helping people overcome the impacts of trauma…

The S/He Can Be Trauma Recovery Program™ is a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety Education Program which was developed by Mayameen Meftahi (BEM), who holds the copyright (all rights reserved) and evolved from her professional and lived experience supporting and teaching those affected by the diagnose/symptoms of PTSD.

A program that provides a solution, not a cure!

Train the Trainer is designed to train and provide everything you need to successfully deliver the Trauma Recovery Program for those who are already working as Therapist/Healer, or for those who would like to start their own private business. 

Mayameen Meftahi is a Multi Award-Winning Specialist in Trauma, in 2020 she was Awarded from the Queen the British Empire Medal for her Services to Child Sexual Abuse Victims. 

She has taken the stage of TEDX as a Speaker on FGM, she has facilitated her program for Action for Children, lectured at the Queens Nursing Institute on Overcoming Psychological Trauma and much more.  You can view Mayameen’s Qualifications here and her speakers profile here. 

Mayameen has been successfully facilitating her program since 2017, and the accreditation and evaluations of this program has proved its success.

One of Mayameen’s challenges to adopting this modality of Train the Trainer, was the concern, that overtime the program would be watered down due to the Facilitation.

However, recognising that in order to reach more people to access the program, the program needs to spread its wings and fly to others, that can also contribute to the life-changing experiences of people who complete this program!

As an Official Facilitator, you will be fully equipped, supported and mentored to be the best Facilitator you can be, joining a very supportive, motivated and empowered Team of Facilitators. 


Facilitator trainings are open to qualified Mental Health Practitioners, Therapists, Coaches, who also possess strong presentation, communication and listening skills.

Our programmes are successfully delivered with impressive outcomes in a variety of Primary Care, School, Health, Disability and Mental Health settings.

Our Support PACKAGE

Providing a comprehensive support package to equip you as an Official Facilitator™ and to support your Facilitation Journey, so that you can deliver an Accredited Professional 7 Week Trauma Recovery Program within your agency.

Your Training Course has a CPD value of 15 hours.

Your Facilitators Package Includes:

  • Facilitators Portal with access to: 7 Instructor Led Videos, Resources & More for your Participants and for Yourself to be the best Facilitator
  • A comprehensive Facilitator’s Manual, with guides to plan and deliver each session, including how to structure group discussion and exercises
  • Paperback 44 Page Workbook, PDF Version & Weekly Handout Version for your participants
  • Referrals into your Programs 
  • Unlimited Email Support & Start Up Support (if required)
  • Quarterly Facilitator Team Mentor Meetings

Facilitation cost

As an Official Facilitator™, you will have on-going access to your Facilitators Portal and Mentor Support.

1 Day Facilitator Training

Cost: £360.00 per person

Time: 9.00 am – 3.00 pm
(30 minutes for Lunch)

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Licensing Fee

Cost: £297.00 per year 
(Monthly @ £24.75)

The Licensing Fee is due 3 months after becoming an Official Facilitator.

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What is the 'S/He Can Be' Recovery Program?

A solution-focused Educational program, specifically women who have been affected by various forms of Trauma. This is a 7 Week Group Program and you can view all the information and testimonials here: Trauma Recovery Program

Mayameen Meftahi (BEM) pioneered this 7 Week PTSD/Anxiety Recovery Program in 2017, after spending a lot of time and effort on creating a Program for Recovery of Psychological Tramuma after she established a gap in this field. 

Many people are suffering the symptoms of PTSD, without any instruction to move forward with their Lives. 

As a Child Sexual Abuse Victim herself, being passed from pillar to post, with no benefits to healing, Mayameen recreated the American Psychology War Veteran program, to what is today the successful ‘S/He Can Be’ Trauma Recovery Program. 

Upon its first launch, overwhelming feedback from women on the program led to its path to success. The program was soon Accredited, commissioned by Action for Children, received Funding from the Peoples Postcode Lottery and is now being Facilitated in Organisations and Schools!

Mayameen over the years of its launch, has educated professionals, had many speaking engagements, and lectured at the Queens Nursing Institute on Overcoming Psychological Trauma. 

Receiving referrals from organisations and Local Authorities for their service users to enrol on the program. 

The program is not to be used as ‘Therapy’, it is an Educational program, that combines practical solution-focused skills for the participants to regulate their emotions and behaviours.  As well as teaching participants methods to track their emotions, experiment with various coping mechanisms and work on their self esteem and acceptance of their life events.

Who is this Program for?

The program is ideal for anyone who has mental health concerns, whether that be from an actual Traumatic experience or not. Participants over the years have included men, women and teens who have suffered a traumatic life event, professionals who want to become Trauma-Informed, carers who are supporting others with mental health issues. 

This program provides extensive Knowledge in the areas of PTSD and Anxiety, the reality being that everyone of us, has experienced something in our lives, regardless of its varying degree and affects. 

How many people can attend a Group Program?

You will be facilitating to no more than 12 people per program. It is extremely important that everyone in attendance, feels heard and has time to be able to discuss, ask questions etc. 

A program may have less than 12, the minimum attendance recommended is 5 people. 

Can I run this as a 1:1 Program?

Yes, although the program works much better in a group environment, as participants can learn so much from another, and lessen that exhausting feeling of ‘being alone’, the program can still be facilitated 1:1 if required and go through the program together, and Mayameen has successfully led this Program with 1:1 clients over the years, and currently works full time as a Senior Intervention Mentor at an Independent Provision, delivering this program 1:1 to students with SEMH difficulties.

When can I train as a Facilitator?

You can purchase your Facilitators Training immediately, and you will receive access to your Facilitators Portal to prepare you for the 1 Day Training. 

We will then set up a date for your Training.

What materials will I receive as a Facilitator?

As an Official Faciliator, you will receive everything you need to successfully facilitate the program this includes all your Training, a Facilitators Portal, the necessary materials, including the full Workbook for the Program. 

You will receive unlimited access to your Facilitators Portal, so you can refresh each session and how Mayameen facilitates it, as needed.

Can I share the training/materials with my spouse or friend?

No. You are signing up for an individual Facilitation that is for your use only.

Not everyone who signs up to Train the Trainer™ becomes an Official Facilitator, and Facilitators will be listed for public knowledge. If it was to come to light, that someone has been passing on information for others, they will be revoked as a Facilitator.

No part of the online modules can be shared. If your spouse or friend would like to be trained, they will be expected to purchase their own training and enroll in their own individual course. 

Can I train other people to be Facilitators?

No, you cannot. This training does NOT certify you to train others.

You are only certified to deliver the 7 Week Program yourself and are licensed as a Trainer/Educator.

If a member of your team is not certified, they must personally complete the 1 Day Training themselves, and become a Facilitator.

Does this provide me with a Therapy Qualification?

No.  Becoming a Facilitator of the Program does not include any Qualification.  It is important that you are already Qualified as a Mental Health Specialist, Life Coach or Training Consultant.

Mayameen is an Accredited Training Provider with the CPD Group, which is a number 1 CPD Accreditation Service Provider, you will therefore receive a Facilitators Certificate and Unit of Accreditation.

This entitles you to become a Certified Facilitator of the Program, which reassurance that the program you are Facilitating has been Accredited and that the program has been accessed by many trusted and reputable organisations. 

In theory, you are ‘teaching’ and not providing Therapy. It is important, that you are able to recognise these boundaries and refer participants to Therapy as required. This program even delivered 1:1 is not Counselling.

How do I access materials for my participants in a program?

You will have access to the PDF Workbook for participants to download and print the materials. 

If your participants would prefer a Paperback Workbook, or you are running a face – face group program (which will require a paperback workbook), then you can either direct them to purchase the workbook themselves, or you can order a number of Workbooks at a reduced rate. 

How can I Facilitate a program?

You can facilitate a program in two ways, as an online group program, just as Mayameen delivers the program via Zoom, or a face-face environment, whether this be in-house facilitation at your organisation, or facilitating from a hired venue.

During the 1 Day Training, we will discuss the options for Facilitation.


What is the Facilitators Portal?

The Facilitators Portal is your own private Facilitators hub, password protected and for access of Facilitators only. 

The Portal contains all the material, resources and information you need to successfully facilitate a program yourself. 

This includes: 

  • A Facilitators Handbook
  • The Workbook for the Program in full and in week by week handouts
  • 7 Instructor Led Videos that you can watch time and time again to appropriately facilitate each session
  • The Accredited Certificate of Completion for your clients
  • Admin templates for facilitation including: register template, feedback form templates and more
  • Other resources and information to help your facilitation journey

The Portal will be updated as and when is needed, to which you will receive an email of any additions. 

Can I make my own advertising materials?

Sure! You don’t have to be limited to those we provide. Feel free to be creative in your advertising. We’d love to see what is working in your area, so please share your designs with us at: 

Can anyone become a Facilitator?

No, to become a S/He Can Be Recovery Program Facilitator™, you will need to be a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner, Therapist or Coach. 

Organisations are welcome to place any of their staff on to the Training to become an Official Facilitator. 

Exclusivity is provided, so that the content of the program remains at its highest quality, over the years many great courses/programmes have been designed, but unfortunately the outcomes have reduced, due to the facilitation. 

You are welcome to access your own supervision, or utilise Mayameen as your Support Mentor, so that you have appropriate support, however as mentioned previously, you are not providing Counselling or Therapy. 

How can I get Clients for the Program?

The Program is a fantastic addition to any Services you already run, however if you are just starting out, then the Program will need to be advertised to your client base or potential client base, with the use of Social Media. 

You will be listed on the Official Facilitators page here, and there is also a ‘Find a Facilitator’ option on the main page of the Trauma Recovery Program advertised on my website.  Driving traffic from my own website into your details. 

Mayameen will refer clients to Facilitators and help you build your profile. 

As an Official Facilitator ™ of the She Can Be Program, you become a part of Mayameens team.

Mayameen has been running a Practice of her own since 2011 and has extensive contacts.

What is the Licensing Fee?

Licensing course content means that other people (or organizations) pay a fixed fee for course content and guarantee that the content is being distributed as per the licensing agreement.

This is different to royalties, which is generally a percentage of gross revenue or net profit. 

Licensing is an agreement between two parties for using someone’s property, in this case the ‘S/He Can Be’ Trauma Recovery Program™.

The Licensing fee is £297.00 per year, which can also be spread monthly.

The first 3 months of the Licensing Fee upon completion as a Facilitator is offered free, to allow the Facilitator time to set up their first Program.

If the Licensing fee is not paid, termination of the contract and use of the content is effective immediately.

The Licensing Fee is subject to increase.

What about Insurance?

Mayameen is insured as a Social Enterprise, via Unity Insurance.  However, it is upon yourself to make sure you hold the relevant insurance for the work you carry out. 

Qualified Therapists should hold the required Insurance (Professional and Public Indemnity), and the burden on being appropriately qualified and insured is upon yourself. 

If you are Facilitating the program as a Coach, There are no legal standards required to become a life coach, but certification is available through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Therefore it is important that you have the necessary Insurance to cover your practice, you can apply for Insurance via PolicyBee, whom provide small business insurance for freelancers, sole traders and limited companies. 


Do I need to be BACP Accredited or a Therapist?

This Program is not to be used as ‘Therapy’ as previously mentioned, if you are a Therapist, you may already or be working towards becoming a BACP-accredited Therapist. 

However, this course is not registered with BACP and this course does not have to be BACP-accredited.

The question of who can legally call themselves a Therapist, as with the term “counsellor”, anyone from a correspondence course enthusiast to a psychiatrist can call themselves a psychotherapist, so if they’re not a registered psychiatrist or psychologist, look for qualifications.

Anyone may call themselves a therapist, counsellor, practitioner, or clinician and provide mental health services under that title. Therapists, counsellors, practitioners, and clinicians do not need to demonstrate education, training, supervised practice, or competency to use these titles. However, they can not say that they are licensed or practicing. 

It is incumbent upon each individual to ascertain the Facilitators qualifications, registrations and insurances.  

People are receiving Life Coaching and flourishing, Lived Experience specialists are providing services and flourishing! It is up to the participants to trust and value what the Facilitator can offer, regardless of whether they have obtained a  PHD or completed a course. 

Mayameen herself is not BACP-Accredited, nor does she need to be.  She has successfully achieved many Qualifications, as a Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner, Awards and Accreditations, including superior qualifications as an Independent Professional Advocate via City & Guilds, registered by Ofqual and CEA Regulation.

Mayameen has successfully ran her own Organisation that was accessed by Local Authorities, attending Magistrates and Family Courts as an IPA, successfully running her own practice, as well as undertaking a Senior Management Role within the Education System. 

Though Mayameen strives to continually improve and update her knowledge and continual professional development by accessing various online and on-site based courses. 

Mayameen is also a student of Edu-Care and has to continuously renew her knowledge in all aspects of her field and current Safeguarding employment. 

Therefore, Mayameen is highly qualified within her field of studies, proudly utilising her lived experience and professionally developed skills, to adequately train Facilitators to provide the Program, she herself designed and has delivered over many years.  This itself, being recognised by the Queens Honours Award of British Empire Medal for her Services to Victims.


If you have any further questions regarding Train the Trainer™ or becoming an Official Facilitator, please get in touch via email: