A traumasensitive yoga teacher has a deep understanding of trauma and is aware of the possibility that students may experience traumatic reactions during class.

We learn to trust our bodies to heal and release trauma at a pace that is safe as well, removing all the triggers that can be connected to normal Yoga, and just listening to your body.

A T-S Yoga Class allows you to:

Gain a greater awareness of your body

Notice any sensations in your own body (interoception)

Help to release tension (trauma) stored in your body

Learn to tolerate bodily sensations

Have a safe space to explore your body

To practice only what you are comfortable with

Transcending With Yoga Course

4 Week T-S Yoga Course Includes:

  • 2 x Weekly Live Zoom T-S Yoga Sessions 
    (8 T-S Yoga Sessions approx 30 mins)
  • Emotional De-Briefing Session 
    (After Session 15-20 mins to discuss emotions, triggers and your well-being needs)
  • Weekly Emotional Tracking Worksheet

Course Cost:

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1 hour dedicated sessions over a course of 4 weeks, dates and times to be confirmed, to heal your mind, body and soul.

After completion of your course, you can continue your Yoga Practice by signing up to our On-Demand Trauma Focused Fitness.

Trauma-Focused Fitness classes are focused on releasing Adrenaline, Anger and Anxiety.

Suffering with PTSD includes storing excess adrenaline in the body, that needs to be released in a healthy way. You can keep your mental fitness in tip top shape with our dedicated On-Demand Fitness Portal and Live Zoom Classes.


  • Unlimited Video Workouts in your Online Portal which includes:
    Rebounding Cardio Exercises
    Resistance Bands Exercises
    Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
    (New Workouts added Regularly)
  • Live Zoom Classes with Mayameen 
    (Check our Fitness Calendar & join Weekly Live Classes)
  • Bonus Fitness Challenges, Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips
  • Discounts on our Live Fitness Challenges & Bootcamps
  • Facebook Support Group
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There’s no contract. You can easily cancel at any time, by unsubscribing: Here



TFF on-demand | £7.99 per month

Our Trauma-Focused Fitness (TFF) On-Demand includes:

  • Unlimited Access to Exercise Videos in your Online Portal & Bonuses
    (Workout anytime from the comfort of your own home)
  • Access to Weekly Live Classes
    (Join our Live Zoom Classes, access to our weekly Yoga Class, Rebounding & Resistance Bands Class)
  • Facebook Support Group
    (Be a part of our Fitness Tribe)
FOR JUST £7.99 PER MONTH!! sign up NOW for TFF On-Demand

Wednesday @ 8.30 pm – Yoga
Saturday @ 10.30 am – Rebounding
Saturday @ 11.00 am – Resistance Bands

You can also join one of our Live Classes, with our pay per class option:

£3.00 per Class:

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Join our 7 Day Quickfit Challenge to kickstart your Fitness Journey or to get a Quick Fix mental and physical kick! 

7 day quickfit challenge

Our 7 Day QuickFit Challenge Includes:

  • 7 Days of Live 45 Minute Zoom Fitness Classes
    (Daily 30 Minutes Rebounding Session & 15 Minutes Resistance Bands Challenge)
  • Fitness Calendar 
  • Weekly Meal Planner 

Challenge Cost:

£37.00 per person
(on-demand fitness members)
£47.00 per person
(non on-demand fitness members)

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Next Challenge details & sign up to be announced shortly!



Mayameen Meftahi BEM is a Queens Honours Multi Award-Winning Specialist in Trauma and Sexual Violence.

Using her Lived Experience to develop a range of Highly Specialised Trauma Recovery and Training programs. 

In 2019, Mayameen was overwhelmed with the trauma trapped in her body as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor, upon waiving her lifelong anonymity, her body was definitely keeping the score! 

Recognising the need to release the Adrenaline (which was resulting in an unhealthy anger coping mechanism), Mayameen found that Rebounding was a fantastic release! 

Becoming a Fitness Instructor and offering classes for women, Yoga was in particular one of the things she found triggering and wouldn’t advocate. 

Thanks to Bessel Van Der Kolk, Mayameen started to experiment with Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and fell in love! Depsite, at times it was highly uncomfortable, it has become the only way to release trauma from her body.

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