Upon the Survivor’s Journey, there may come a time when the Healing path takes a different direction. 

Silence has been the greatest power for the offender, the conditioned belief of shame, stigma and judgement. 

The Survivors Silence becomes the norm, whilst the offenders power is well known.  Every day, there are Media reports of violence, offenders, another one and another one.  It becomes normal in our society , we start to become immune to the disease of these perpetrators… Yet the Survivors Voice, is the Voice that should be normalised! 

Raising the Platform for Survivors, every day role models, the woman down the road, being recognised for her strength and not her weakness.

You deserve to be recognised for the warrior that you are!

When we start to Value Our Voices, we can start to Make Movement…


Share Your Story: 

You can submit your story using our form and it will be shared on our Survivors Blog, to inspire and empower others.  We may also use your Story as part of our Campaign for Law Change or Statistics. 

If we receive any Media Requests, we will contact our Survivors to see if they would like to be a involved in any Media requests we regularly receive.

If you would like to Sell your Story, again we can assist, as we receive requests directly from the leading national titles (newspapers, magazines, TV shows etc).

Mayameen has been highly sought as a Survivor and has been in numerous Magazines, Interviews, Filming for Music Productions, Documentaries, Collaborations and Won Awards.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step & Speak Out Publicly?

Share your story with She Can Consultancy and be a part of Mayameen’s Movement for Survivors to break the Silence. 

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tackling the taboo: real talk

Our bi-monthly Tackling the Taboo: Real Talk takes place via our Zoom Room, we will begin the topic with an Interview style first, following this, we will then have an open-mic session to allow open discussion between participants and to ask any questions to our Guest Speaker. 

Upcoming Dates & Topic Themes:

Thursday 7th March from 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm
Female Genital Mutilation with Mayameen Meftahi (Founder of She Can Consultancy)

Laying it out on the table, the media is abuzz with FGM, the current conviction and objected bill, but what actually is it? Why is it happening? and is it happening here in Wales? An opportunity to hear about Mayameen’s work in this field and air your views and ask questions.

Thursday 16th May from 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm
Postpartum Psychosis with Charlotte Harding (Welsh Mummy Blogs)

This taboo subject of postpartum psychosis suffered by some new mums needs to be talked about. It was the major storyline in Eastenders, but real for Charlotte who opened up about her battle and will be honouring us at the table to share her lived experience and answer questions and offer support to fellow mums who may be suffering in silence.

Thursday 25th July from 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm
Alcohol Addiction Recovery with Esther Nagle (Balance and Breathe)

Real and open talk about Alcohol addiction with Esther Nagle who overcame a 20 year alcohol addiction by training intensely as a Yoga teacher . Esther will be laying it bear on the table, sharing her lived experience as an alcoholic and how she battled through this addiction to come out of the other side, not only recovery but Shining!