Self-Study Trauma Recovery Programme


This Accredited 7 Week Trauma Recovery Programme™ is a Psychoeducational Intervention for people diagnosed or suffering with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to acquire skills to deal with the impact of Trauma, regulate emotions, understand trauma responses, the PTSD triangle and ultimately aid healing from Trauma, encompassing a broad range of activities that combine education, therapy and supportive interventions.

This means, you do not have to discuss any Traumatic events, in order to begin the Healing Journey!

✓ Understand PTSD/Anxiety and find some answers?
✓ Get rid of feeling like ‘you are going crazy’? 
✓ Release the rage? 
✓ Feel and identify emotions again? 
✓ Live a more meaningful life?
✓ Have better relationships?