Healing is a process, that comes in different parts.

Attending a specific Workshop, means that you get to divulge deeper into the part that needs extra attention to aid the healing process. 

With my Lived Experience, I have recognised the areas in particular, that need focus on and have designed workshops to create that healing, interactive space, that not only provides you with the knowledge you need to help work with your struggles, but also the management skills. 

The 3 Workshops; Understanding PTSD, Anger Management and Emotional Numbing are introductions and part of the She Can Be Recovery Program, ideal for those who maybe want to learn more about these 3 areas, or have completed the Program and wish to refresh.

The Inner Child Healing Workshop, is a stand alone workshop, ideal for anyone who has a Wounded Inner Child (Take the Quiz above to find out!), or if you have completed the Program, this is can be the ‘final missing piece’. Unconciously, we can be guided by our wounded, hurt, angry, fearful, rejected Inner Child. 

Inner Child Therapy looks at our childhoods, with honesty, addressing those unmet emotional needs, to then identify our needs now, as we deal with the reality… that our needs from childhood do not disappear!

The Four needs are known as the Four ‘A’s:

  1. Approval
  2. Attention
  3. Affection
  4. Affirmation

This level of awareness brings a great deal of power in facilitating our own reparenting and healing process.

Join me for a Live, Interactive, Solution-Focused Workshop via Zoom or purchase the Workshop Video Tutorials, for women like yourself that are wanting to build their Resilience and Rise!

Understanding & coping with ptsd/anxiety

Anger Management

emotional numbing

Inner child healing

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