This is a different kind of Fitness class. It’s insane!

The best online fitness class by far!

Why isn’t everyone doing these classes! I am so glad I found them.

Expressive Therapy promotes emotional growth and healing, helping you to explore and transform difficult emotional and medical conditions. Exercise helps release trapped tension and trauma in the body.

Do You Want...

More energy?
Improved sleep?
Release anxiety & tension?
Improve your mental health?
Improve your physical health?
A quick, easy and fun way of doing so?


My classes also provide a safe place for women to detox from their emotional issues, heal from life events, and release built up adrenaline!


Cardio Burn!

Bounce 2 Burn, pure fat burning fun! Rebounding to some of the best beats.

Burn up to 700 calories in just one half an hour session, the benefits of using a trampoline to burn calories and increase fitness, were researched by NASA. They found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than running for over 30 minutes!

An intense workout for the cardiovascular system and muscles, helps increase metabolic rate, release Adrenaline and battle Stress.


Time to Tone!

BodyFit Bands is a Toning and Strengthening Class, with the use of Resistance Bands! 

This class is safe and effective for any age and ability. Using Resistance Bands during a workout, offers a force against which your muscles work.

This process causes the muscles to contract and stimulates muscle and bone growth. 

Resistance Band are also known as Booty Bands, I’ll leave you to workout why!

Be free YOGA

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga!

Modified Hatha Yoga, that is body oriented (physical), whilst being mindful Yoga to create a source of Strength, Well-being, Peacefulness & Healing. 

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga will not only strengthen your body, using postures in regular Hatha Yoga, but it will also help you befriend your body and reconnect to your body after Trauma!

Be Free Yoga classes are formed around listening to your body, not pushing it and helping you maintain mindfulness.

classes take place online via zoom...

bounce 2 burn

MONDAY @ 9.30 AM
FRIDAY @ 9.30 AM

bodyfit bands

FRIDAY @ 10.00 AM


MONDAY @ 9.00 PM
FRIDAY @ 9.00 PM


PAY AS YOU GO – £3.00 


  • Pay Per Class
  • Telegram Support Group 
Select your Class:

  • Unlimited Classes Per Month!
    (8 Classes per week @ 62p per class!)
  • Telegram Support Group 


Can’t commit to the weekly Live classes?
Feel uncomfortable exercising in a group class?
Want to workout in your own time?

Then my Video Class Option is perfect for you!

Love my workouts, but struggle to get to class, then workout from the comfort of your own home, or even whilst out at work! Unlimited Video Workouts at the click of a button, with new workouts being added regularly.

Not only do you get access to our Workouts, but also, in your Video Fitness Centre you can access Fitness Challenges, Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips, and a BONUS to download my Nutrition E-Book worth £7.99!!

Keeping motivated is always the struggle, so you will hear from me every now and then by email too, to keep you reaching for those goals.

start your video fitness journey now…

For Just £9.99 per month!!

Once you have signed up, you will be directed to your Video Fitness Centre, which is password protected. 

You will receive an email with your password to gain access.
If you do not receive your password within 48 hours, please contact: – Don’t forget to check your spam folder! 




Once you have subscribed (button above), you will receive an email from your Instructor, the email will contain the link to our #IfSheCanICan Fitness Members Telegram Group. 

Our Group will provide you with: Class Reminders, Updates & Support.

Joining a Fitness Family. Our Group provides a support platform, to keep you motivated and connected with other members. 

One of the Benefits of attending offline classes, is socializing, proud to say we have established this with a fantastic #IfSheCanICan Fitness Tribe of Women! 


Zoom! Our Classes take place in real-time, with Me, your Instructor! At the time of the class, you will log in to our Zoom class portal. I will be visible via video, and so will your class members. 

The Class will begin, just as it would in an offline environment.


Classes take place at various times during the week, making sure there is a Morning and Evening class available. The class timetable is above, however sometimes the classes are subject to change, so once you have joined as a member, the Telegram Group will keep you informed.


Subscribing as a member is simple, via Paypal. Every month your membership fee will be taken automatically.  Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so by clicking here:

Upon cancellation of your subscription, you will no longer be able to gain entry into the Zoom Fitness Classes.


To get the best out of your classes, the following equipment is required: Rebounder and Resistance Bands, though we have members who happily participate without the equipment, and ones who also think outside the circle, by using their outdoor garden trampoline! 

A simple rebounder is sufficient for class, which can be purchased via Argos, Amazon etc at a low cost, just be sure to purchase a 40″ rebounder.  You are welcome to purchase from our store below or if local, access our hire.

Protein & supplements



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